Ukraine Mission Report - May 2024

Ukraine Mission Report – May 2024

From Dmitriy (Demas) Grischuk

Oleg Pavlenko, our co-worker in Chernihiv, tells the good news:

We distributed humanitarian aid for children in Chernihiv. In these difficult times for our country it is young families that are most exposed to the time of hardship, especially those in which husbands defend Ukraine. Help for them is always timely. Before giving people packs with diapers, we preach about Christ during all available time. We also show Biblical movies. The most important thing is for as many people as possible to hear about the Gospel.
Sergiy Severin, our brother and minister from Druzhkivka, reports:

April really pleased us with its warmth, it was very blooming. But despite the warmth, in our volunteer chaplaincy hub in the bathhouse and laundry the number of guys has not decreased. We continue to help the Armed Forces, our defenders, we clean their clothes, warm their tired bodies in the bathhouse. Two washing machines work for 10 hours, as well as the bathhouse, Sunday is also a working day, after the meeting in the church, we get back to work.

The amount of laundry washed per day is about 30-35 kg - per month it's about 1000 kg. Also, more than 15 guys wash every day, that is, about 450 per month. We are very grateful for the help of our Brothers-Volunteers Dmytro, Denys and Ivan, who shared this work with us, as well as the ministers of God, chaplains, for uniting in a good cause!
Olexander Nikytchuk, God's laborer in Irpin, says:

Today we visited the family of Sergiy, whose wife Vera is seriously ill. On March 2, 2022 their house was hit and they were left without housing. At the moment they live in a modular town. Conditions for a bedridden person are not very good but they are thankful for the little things they have. The family is very nice and friendly, despite the difficulties they always meet us with joy and love. Sergiy also finds a moment to visit our events that are held in the church and the foundation. We spend a lot of time with this family because they need not only support in the form of food, but also communication. We are often visited by people who are in difficult circumstances, families with many children, families with small children who have received help in baby food, diapers and food kits, it is very pleasant to see the joy in their eyes and hear sincere words of gratitude.
Olga Tretyakova, our minister in Kyiv, shares about her work:

Community Center for Children "Second Wing". In April we suspended the Robotics classes. And we started new activities/meetings: "Personal example is the key to successful upbringing of a child". This meeting was mostly practical - a variety of games, communication, crafts. It is very important that children and parents did it all together! We will continue to organize such meetings. The first art-therapeutic meeting for mothers and grandmothers of our children took place this month. We organized a board games club for children. Our children continue to study financial literacy.
Sergiy Shupishov, our missionary, writes from the Mykolaiv:

In April, our team was able to make two missionary trips to Mykolaiv in two groups of 3 people. Our small groups of 3 people, mostly consisting of brothers, are aimed at helping the local team for 2-3 days to conduct evangelism, Bible studies, home visits, distribution of humanitarian aid, organization of Sunday meetings and preaching. Such trips help young brothers gain experience for effective service in the field of God. In addition to ministry, an important component of our work in the field of God in Mykolaiv is the support of our team members, a married couple, Serhiy and Olha, who live in the city, care for people and teach God's Word.

As much as we are able, we share in the work, fellowship, food, and communion. We pray for everyone involved that God will bless their lives and desires for His glory. Please remember Serhiy, Olga and our future brothers and sisters in Christ here in your prayers. In April, our team was able to organize a social gathering for people who attend Bible classes and Sunday services. Sitting around the table was an opportunity to learn more about people's lives, their experiences of the war, and what they like about Christ and the Church.

We plan to continue to hold informal conversations to get to know people better. For the second month in a row, Sunday meetings have been held with an average attendance of 25 people. During the Sunday meeting people learn the basics of salvation in Christ, understanding the Church and Christian life. We pray that God will convert these people, so they would be saved, and strengthen His church in Mykolaiv. Please pray with us.

Thank you for your support, prayers and participation in the work of God's field in Mykolaiv. May God bless you, we pray for you and send greetings from our team.
This month, we delivered humanitarian aid to:

  • Zaporizhzhia - 5,379 lbs
  • Chernihiv - 1 433 lbs
  • Druzhkivka - 2,425 lbs
  • Dnipro - 661 lbs
  • Mykolaiv - 2,204 lbs
  • Kamianske - 1,763 lbs
  • Total weight - 13,865 lbs

We provided help for about 880 people this month:

  • Chernihiv - around 70 people 
  • Druzhkivka - around 450 people
  • Irpin - around 120 people
  • Kyiv - around 60 people
  • Mykolaiv - around 100 people
  • Kamianske - around 80 people
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