Ethiopian Ministry Update (August 2023)

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Woodward Park Church of Christ

P.O. Box 3836,  Pinedale, CA 93650

August 28, 2023

“We praise our almighty God and His powerful word that is convicting the hearts of more people among the deaf community from Eretria here in Addis Ababa.  Senay Tewelde and Aranshi Nereye, left, are husband and wife.  Bro. Nebeyu, minister for the deaf in Addis, is pictured taking their confession in sign language prior to their baptism.  The  two brothers who were baptized last month, named Abel G/Michael and Meron G/Silase, (pictured on the right wearing grey sweaters) brought Senay and Aranshi to study with  
Nebeyu.  There are some differences between Amharic sign language and Eritrean sign language but they were able to overcome the differences quickly.

Following the first  studies two additional young ladies expressed their desire to be baptized into Christ.  Nebayu is pictured taking their confessions in sign language.  Their names are Lidia Habte and Haimanot.  The new brother Abel, left, has been very active in reaching out to all the deaf refugees from Eritrea and in bringing them to study with our brethren at the Makanissa church in Addis Ababa.

Bro. Nebeyu, right, prepared an easy to understand teaching chart to help the deaf understand the plan of salvation and  he and Abel shared the message using the Eritrean sign language.  I made a video of their lesson and gave it to Nebeyu to share through internet media with  their Eritrean friends who are living in different  places in Ethiopia and other countries.

Standing on the left is a visitor that came with the group.  His name is Esayas and he is a teacher by profession and also a refugee.  He is a leader among the group and had been serving as a minister for a protestant group before coming to Ethiopia.  He is on his way to another African country to live.  He told us it was very difficult to meet in his home country.  We are trying to set up a study with him.  Please pray for this effort as he is a well educated man and will be a leader of his people wherever he lives. (For several years Ethiopian refugee members of the church scattered all over the world and there are congregations of the Lord’s Church everywhere they were resettled.  This is a great way of spreading the gospel through the planted churches.)

This was our bible class for the Eritrean deaf. I was invited to teach. (Moges is standing in the center of the picture and is wearing a blue tie).”  Moges Wolde

This movement among the deaf refugees from Eritrea can have a far reaching effect in many places.  If they are declared as International Refugees they will be settled in different western countries.  They will carry the gospel message wherever they go and the deaf in other places will be reached.  Resettlement usually takes a few years to complete.  Pray that our brethren in Addis Ababa concentrate on grounding these  New Testament Christians in their new found faith while they have the opportunity.

On the left preachers from the Dale area of Sidama meet for their monthly gathering at the Wenenata church building.  Each one of these brethren represents a congregation.  On the right are pictured  some of the members of the Worko congregation in the Sidama region.  Churches all over the southern region have recovered completely from the effects of the Covid pandemic. All of us across America can understand how blessed we felt when we were able to return to a new normal of worship and service following Covid.


The  Makanissa  Church of  Christ  presented  Brother  Workeye,     left, a plaque recognizing  him for the 50 years of faithful service   he has offered as a sign language interpreter in the deaf church. He  has  been a  member of  the  Lord’s  church  since  the early 1960’s.  He is  pictured  with Bro. Demere at the presentation.  

We express  our sincere  appreciation to all of you who faithfully
 pray for and support the Lord’s work in Ethiopia. 
                                                                                                              Kevin and John Ed Clark