Volunteer Today for Mega Sports Camp!

Mega Sports Camp is June 25-28 from 9am-Noon each day. We need help with the following roles:

  • Head Coach: I’d like to help teach sports skills to kids (soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheer, and sports basics for preschoolers).
  • Huddle Coach: I’d like to spend time with a small group of kids, making sure they’re safe, in the right spot, and having fun!
  • Rally Coach: I’d like to help lead songs with actions.
  • Security: I’d like to make sure everyone is safe during the event.
  • First-Aid: I’d like to take care of any scrapes, cuts and bruises that might come up.
  • Snacks: I’d like to serve snacks to some hungry kids.
  • Helper: I’m willing to set up, help with registration, clean up, or do whatever is needed the most.

Sports Camp Volunteers

Complete this form to volunteer for our Mega Sports Camp 2018!
    All volunteers who work with minors (age 17 and under) must have a completed criminal background check on file with Westside Church of Christ