Update from the Settlemoirs

Dear Friends and Family,

We want to give you an update because our plans changed and they changed quickly.

About a week ago, as the coronavirus situation was evolving in Kenya, we began to pray for guidance. We wanted to make sure we did everything we could to protect our young boys, not just from the virus, but primarily from any violence that might erupt due to the social and economic strains caused by lockdowns and overloaded systems.

Very quickly, we were offered a free place to stay in Los Angeles and we found a flight that would get us there before Kenya closed its borders. We had the blessing of our leadership and felt like God was answering our prayer and was showing us the way. Unfortunately, one day before our flight, and one day before the border closure, our flight was canceled. We then felt like God was asking us to stay. However, the next morning, we woke up with an email from the US Embassy advertising a last flight, only for American citizens and residents, from Nairobi to New York. We were able to book tickets and flew out a few hours later.

This was an extremely difficult decision, but we know that it was the right one for our family at this time. Some of our team have remained in Kenya, while others have returned to the US for various reasons. We ask that you please keep all of them in your prayers.

Team Members:
Wallace and Mary
Keith and Kathy
Tim and Alicia
Patrick and Katie
Joel and Mercy

We are currently going through the 14 day quarantine period. Chris is continuing his work for MOHI remotely, just like he was in Nairobi. (About a week before we left, Kenya had already issued “stay at home” type restrictions.) We will keep you updated on our situation as well as the situation in Kenya.

Please pray:That the virus does not make much impact and that we can return as soon as possible.For the people of Kenya as the number of confirmed cases has risen to 31 with 1 confirmed death.For the communities that MOHI partners with.For MOHI as we work to construct and implement plans for relief.
The Settlemoirs