Update from Costa Rica

This post is written by Leoni, who serves as the minister at the Palmares Church of Christ in Costa Rica. Westside is proud to support Leoni and the Palmares Church of Christ as that impact their community for Christ.

Please join us in prayer that God will continue to work powerfully in the city of Palmares. For more information about this church or to get more involved in our mission effort, please contact Ron Nickell.

God Bless everyone in Westside: the elders, deacons and every member of the church, receive a hug from their brothers in Palmares Costa Rica and thank you for the support that you all give to us to do the Work of God here. After working for a few weeks to help the Melendez family, in order to enlist their departure back to El Salvador and the USA, we integrate ourselves to attend to the daily visits and growth of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

As I asked for your prayers for some people I want to tell you that for the Glory of Our God we have Alexander as a part of our family now. I have sent a picture of Him. We have been dealing with some documents in the Bank for the changes of signature as a result of the departure of our brother Luis Melendez. The church of Christ in Palmares we have moved forward.

Thank you brothers for being with us, continue in your prayers for each of the brothers here so that we do not stop serving God and doing His Work. I would like to give you many details, but I would tire of them, I want you to have the knowledge that we are very happy to do God’s work in Palmares and that every day we try to do our best for the Glory of God and for your confidence Who are investing well your offerings to glorify the Lord.

God bless you all in Christ your fellow servants, Leoni, Yiss and Josue.