Update from Costa Rica

Below is the latest missions update from the Palmares Church of Christ in Costa Rica. For more information or to find out how you can get involved, please contact Doug Oakes

Greetings to all my brothers in Christ who are supporting the Work of Christ in Costa Rica, Palmares. May God continue to give you abundant blessings and prosper every day your secular works and in Christ.
Beloved brothers, we want to tell you a little about how things are going here in Palmares.
All the brothers have responded very well with regard to the change of place for our meetings and are attending the meetings of the Church with great enthusiasm. Another important point is that the brothers are showing their great interest in having something of their own in the congregation and for this they are putting a lot of effort into the offerings they give. This means that the decision that has been made is making the church grow in knowledge and spirituality, which gives us a lot of joy since all this shows us that God is blessing our projects.
The newly converted brothers are faithful and growing, they are; Marta Mayorga, Adriana Rocha, Emily Rosario, Jorge Junio ​​Rocha and Josue Arguedas. Please keep praying for them.
I ask your prayers for the friends who are visiting us so that they will open their hearts to the gospel of Christ. With this I want to tell you that since we have changed meeting places we have had a very nice number of people who are visiting us. Glory to God for that.
Thank you very much for your prayers and for supporting us financially in this Work, God will give you back a lot more.
In Christ his brother and Servant,