Student Ministry Update

We’ve got some big plans for our 7th-12th grade students this summer!

Sunday Morning: The Life

The call to faith in Christ is a call to action. It’s a call to a transformed life, a life that has a specific look to it. This life is called discipleship. And it’s the expected path of all who come to faith in Jesus.

The call to saving faith is a simultaneous call to follow Jesus in a lifetime of devotion. There really isn’t any other option. The idea that we could know Jesus but live unchanged lives isn’t biblical. The picture of biblical faith is the picture of life daily lived in relationship with God. It’s a life of discipleship. Of “followership.”

Starting this summer, our Student Ministry is launching a year-long Bible study series called “The Life.” We hope and pray these messages will help your students know exactly what the call to follow looks like.

Key Features of “The Life”

  • 3 Student Devotionals Every Week
  • Parent Recap Pages with Discussion Questions
  • Focus on Jesus and Discipleship

Check out all the details about our new series “The Life” by clicking here.

Wednesday Night Series: Redemption

Check out our Wednesday night series by clicking here.

Big Summer Events

Check out the events page or the church app to learn more. You can also get the Student Ministry calendar on your phone by subscribing to (or by visiting

We’ve also put together a handy-dandy newsletter with info about all the big events: