Stories of Revival: Jairus’ Daughter

There’s nothing like a parent’s love for their child. In Mark 5, an important religious leader named Jairus came to Jesus because his daughter had become gravely ill. He was terrified that without some kind of miracle, she wouldn’t make it. For those of us who are parents, we know the fear and desperation that this father felt. It’s a feeling of anxiety that weighs like an anchor on our souls.

When Jesus came to Jairus’ hometown, Jairus knew this was his opportunity. It wasn’t easy, but he was able to push through the massive crowd to reach Jesus. Falling to his knees in humility, he begged Jesus to heal his daughter. To his great joy, Jesus said yes!

As Jesus paused to heal an older woman who was struggling with her own health crisis, Jairus’ servants came and delivered the worst possible news: his daughter had just died. The cruel irony of this moment was not lost on Jairus. Jesus had agreed to heal her, but now it was too late. This had just become the worst day of his life.

Jesus—on the other hand—had other plans. Jairus didn’t know it yet, but Jesus was about to change his life forever. He looked at Jairus and said “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” Easier said than done when your daughter has just died.

They journeyed back to Jairus’ house and found the family grieving and wailing loudly over the loss of this precious girl. Jesus was perplexed: why all this commotion when she was only sleeping?

For Jesus, full of the Spirit and the power of God, death was simply a momentary setback. After commanding the daughter to get up, she was raised back to life through the power of God. Jesus was the answer to Jairus’ deepest prayers!

Today, Jesus is offering us the same gift that he gave Jairus and his sweet daughter: hope, healing, and revival. When we feel stuck, Jesus offers new opportunities. When we feel despair, Jesus offers joy. When we come to a dead end, Jesus paves a new path forward.

In other words, Jesus has come to bring revival!