Artwork: Jan van’t Hoff /

Stories of Revival: A Sinful Woman

Artwork: Jan van’t Hoff /

Read: Luke 7:36-50
In Luke 7, Jesus is invited to dinner at the home of a prominent religious leader named Simon. A woman from that same town who lived a “sinful life” (which was a nice way of saying she was a prostitute) learned that Jesus would be there, and rushed to the scene with a special gift in tow: an expensive jar of fine perfume.

On the surface, Simon and this woman seemed to be religious opposites. Simon was an upstanding religious leader who had done everything right, while this woman was an obvious sinner with a scandalous reputation. But as the story unfolds, we see that the sinful woman is the one who truly understands the majesty of Christ and offers herself in worship—while Simon ignores Jesus and treats him with disregard.

As the dinner progressed, the woman began to wash the feet of Jesus with her tears. She dried them with her hair, kissed them, and poured her prized perfume on his feet. This was a tender, heartfelt act of worship.

When Simon scoffed at the fact that such an immoral woman was touching Jesus, Jesus told him a short parable about two men who had large debts forgiven. Jesus hoped to show Simon-and us-that the person who has been forgiven the most, loves the most.

At times, we feel like our past prevents us from having a relationship with Christ. Perhaps we feel like church is only for the Simons of the world—perfectly religious in every way—but the truth of the Gospel is that Jesus came to welcome sinners with open arms. No matter our past.

Today, if you are wandering, worried, or wrapped up in sin, Jesus is offering you the gift of revival. He’s offering you the gift of second chances. Today, Jesus is telling you, as he told the sinful woman in Luke 7, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”