Stories of Revival: A Paralyzed Man

In Mark 2:1-12, news about Jesus had spread like wildfire. Jesus had spent time healing people and casting out demons in the local villages. When he came to a town called Capernaum, so many people came to Jesus that there wasn’t any more room in the house. Or outside. Or anywhere close!

But that wasn’t about to stop one man—and his four friends—from coming to Jesus. This man was paralyzed, unable to walk, work, or take care of himself. In many ways he symbolizes the way we feel stuck and powerless because of the difficulties we face in this life.

But this man knew that if he could get to Jesus, Jesus could change his life forever. Seeing the packed house, they decided to do something unorthodox: climb the roof, dig a hole, and lower the man into the house where Jesus was. Can you believe that?

Jesus saw the man’s faith and healed him in two ways. He healed the man of what was holding him back physically, but he also healed the man of the sin that was holding him back spiritually.Jesus came to bring revival. This story is one of many throughout the Bible where God brings hope to the hopeless.

If you’re feeling lost, stuck, or at a dead end, it’s time to come to Jesus for revival!