Psalm 145:3

Everyone has a story. What’s yours? That’s the message behind Psalm 145. This Psalm is filled with beautiful images of worship and storytelling. We invite you to study this Psalm with us and listen to our messages online at

There are hundreds of words we could use to try to describe the power and magnificence of God. One word that King David uses twice in Psalm 145:3 is “Great.” The original Hebrew word can describe something that is bigger, larger, more intense, louder, older or more important than something (or anything) else. 

God isn’t just one more thing that we’re supposed to fit into our schedule. He is the master, the creator, and our king… and because of that, he deserves to be the center of our lives.

Psalm 145:3 uses the personal name for God (YHWH, which we often translate as The LORD). So great was this personal name of God that the Hebrew people did not even attempt to say it out loud. Even to this day, whenever a Jewish person comes across this name in the Scriptures, they substitute a different name for God (Adonai) instead of attempting to speak God’s holiest name. (Bonus fact: If you’ve ever heard the name Jehovah, it’s a combination of the consonants from YHWH with the vowels from Adonai: YAHOWAH, which gets transformed into the more English-sounding word Jehovah). 

In the second part of the verse, David reminds us that God’s greatness is far beyond anything we could ever measure, search, or discover on our own. Even if we spent our entire lives reflecting on the goodness of God, we’d only discover a tiny fraction of his power and glory.

Someone that great really does deserve our never-ending praise.