New College Class: The Bible Doesn’t Say That

Join us every Wednesday night at 6:30pm in room #601 (upstairs).

There are certain phrases that sound so true we assume they must be in the Bible somewhere! But the reality is that although these phrases come a sincere desire to help people, they are actually more a product of our culture than the Bible itself.

This series titled “The Bible Doesn’t Say That” will focus on six key phrases that we often quote. We’ll look at the heart behind each phrase, the potential problems with the theology behind it, and of course the Bible passages that either support or critique it.

The 6 Phrases:

  • “Follow Your Heart”
  • “God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Handle”
  • “God Has a Plan For Your Life.”
  • “You Shouldn’t Judge.”
  • “Everything Happens for a Reason.”
  • “God Wants Me to be Happy.”