Missions Update: Kenya

This post is written by Chris and Krystal Settlemoir, who are working with Missions of Hope International in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Dear Family & Friends,

It may sound weird but animals on the road, geckos in the house, strange stomach illnesses and getting caught in sudden downpours are just some of the things that make us feel at home here in Kenya.

We are enjoying settling into our new home in Nairobi and sincerely appreciate living in the same compound as many of our friends/teammates. This home is a blessing and we are thankful for how we can open its doors to bless others. We recently hosted a 16 person short-term team for dinner. It was a fun night of fellowship and listening to their sweet stories of surrender and hope.

Despite the look in this photo, our movers were very pleasant people

We’ve been catching up with our fellow missionaries and Kenyan counterparts. These relationships breathe life into our work and teach us the importance of unity and peace. Our hearts are filled with joy upon hearing how God has moved in their individual lives as well as in the advancements of MOHI during our 10-month stay in the US.

Chris’ return to the office at MOHI, located in the Mathare Valley slum, has been a time of reconnecting and reflecting as he greets old faces and meets new ones. Projects are ongoing, but he’s taking the time to observe and learn the needs of his department. He’s excited about new ways in which the department will be able to spread the good news of how God is working in the lives of those involved in the MOHI ministry.

In the field working with MOHI staff to update sponsorship profiles for some of our 14,000 students

There is a lot of excitement surrounding our newest family member and many cannot wait to meet Elijah. Thankfully, as a family, we were able to attend an offsite work meeting with missionaries and MOHI leadership staff. Mary Kamau, founder and Executive Director of MOHI, arranged for a Kenyan missionary from another organization to come share his experience and knowledge regarding one of the communities we serve located in northeast Kenya. Through his stories we were reminded that even in the midst of heartbreaking physical hardships and spiritual warfare God creates opportunities to be glorified. We look forward to the ways in which God will use MOHI to spread the gospel in these new communities.

We greet each day with the anticipation of setting aside our expectations and just allowing the day to unfold. Our prayer is at every turn we lean into the Spirit and listen before we take another step.

Pray with us for the following:
• God provide heavy rains in Kenya especially where famine is a reality
• Holy Spirit to work wonders in the places MOHI is serving where Jesus is not yet known
• Healthy team dynamics
• Chris and Krystal to have open minds on how God is calling them to serve
• Krystal’s family is en route to Kenya and will be visiting us for one week. Please pray for their travels.

Prayers of praise:
• Elijah’s health (We recently took Elijah to the doctor for his 6-month check up and shots. He is doing very well and growing fast!)
• Since our arrival, we have experienced an abundance of peace and affirmation.

Chris & Krystal