Missions Update: Kenya (June 2018)

This update is written by Chris and Krystal Settlemoir, who are working with Missions of Hope International in Nairobi, Kenya. To learn more about their missionary efforts, contact Doug Oakes.

Dear Friends & Family,

Here’s a quick compilation of different stories from recent work adventures.

Blessings, Chris, Krystal & Elijah

Rainy Season in Kenya

Kenya has two rainy seasons every year. This year, the rains have been heavier than usual. Although the rain is a blessing, it creates hardships for those in the communities MOHI serves. Please keep the community members in your prayers.

Water Wells and a Missed Flight

MOHI partners with Orphan’s Promise, which is part of the Christian Broadcasting Network. Through the partnership, they worked with MOHI to install a water well in one of MOHI’s remote locations in Northern Kenya. I attended the ceremony to take photos and videos, but things went a little long and we missed our flight back to Nairobi. Oops. Thanks to my MOHI coworkers, I had a place to stay and a flight was booked for me for the next day.

It was a big celebration. We marched from the ceremony location to the water well. We even had a small marching band.

Out and About

We interviewed a young lady who is part of MOHI’s cosmetology skills training program and visited her home. She lives in this apartment building. I am grateful for the ways that MOHI is able to affect her life.

From the roof of MOHI’s school in the Kiamaiko community. This community is predominantly Muslim and I am grateful for the impact that MOHI is making.

Krystal and Elijah