Missions Update: Ethiopia (Nov 2019)

These updates are written by our partners in ministry, Kevin and John Ed Clark. For more information about the Ethiopia Gospel Outreach or to find out how you can get involved this ministry, please contact Ian Nickell.


This report came from Ethiopia on Friday November 15th.  “As you may already know from the news reports, the situation in Ethiopia is not good at this time. It is difficult to make trips in any direction.  We were supposed to go to Nekemte for the Lord’s work several weeks ago, but because of the unsettled problems, we could not make it yet and are still waiting for a  better condition. The political climate is bad, especially on the highways. In some areas the problems have grown from tribalism to a  regional conflict. PRAYERS NEEDED FOR OUR COUNTRY MORE THAN EVER!  All Christians in Ethiopia believe that our Almighty God is on His Throne and He knows everything.”

Hopefully by the time you receive this newsletter things will have improved.  Our prayers are that they will.  We solicit your prayers also.  Until the 15th our work hasn’t been affected directly.  Things are normal except on the highways and the towns.   The Prime Minister of Ethiopia won the Pulitzer Peace Award in 2019 because of his positive leadership in settling the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea.  We pray he will also be effective in settling the conflicts mentioned above; with God’s help, we believe he will. 


Tygegne Shekula Tesfaye Baranda Daniel Ledamo Seyum Bentesha Nigussie Berbeto

 Bro. Tygegne Shekula is one of the water well site evangelists.  He has established two new congregations at Sedeka and Tarmasea in the Sidama region.  Tegegne’s first convert in Sedeka  was Tesfaye Baranda. Tesfaye was sent to the Santariea Preacher Training School (PTS) and following his graduation Tesfaye returned to Sedeka to help evangelize in his home area.   Bro. Tygegne comes to the area two times each week to teach and strengthen the church there.  Bro. Tesfaye Baranda met another person from another village and his name is Daniel Ledamo. Tesfaye shared the gospel of Christ to Daniel and persuaded him to attend the Santariea PTS.  Daniel obeyed the gospel while he was at the PTS and after his graduation he returned to his home area called “Taramesa and began preaching.  Bro. Tygegne and Tesfaye have been there to help him whenever they were needed.  In November he has already baptized 6 people and started a new house church called the Taramesa Church of Christ.  Bro Daniel is now the preacher for this new church.

Bro. Seyum Bentesha (Santariea PTS instructor) andNigussie Berbeto(one of the  water site preachers) have been preaching at two new water site churches and baptized 7 people in the month of October and the first week of November. These two congregations are Gure (3 souls added) and 2nd Korke (4 souls added).  The size of these two water site churches has grown to 15 members in Gure and 14 members in 2nd Korke. Seyum and Nigussie are continue their effort. They have 8 more people who are studying the bible with them once a week at 2nd Korke.

Bro. Tafese Hankito

Bro. Tafese Hankito is another water well site preacher. His home congregation is Wenenata. The last few months Bro. Tafese and Bro. Cherenet Mesele, the preacher for Megara water site church were trying to start a new water site congregation in a village by the name of  Wicho.  God has blessed their effort and 8 souls were convicted and obeyed the gospel.  A new house church has been worshiping in one of the member’s home for the last two months.

These few reports represent only a small amount of all the work being done by the brethren and churches in Ethiopia.  The reports presented here are from the areas where water wells have been completed.  However, the same kind of effort and results are happening everywhere in the southern, western, eastern and north western regions of the country.   The faithful, teaching the faithful to teach the faithful worked in Timothy’s ministry (2 Timothy 2:2) and it works now!  God’s way is best!


Solomon Mengistu

 Solomon Mengistu, right,was first taught God’s plan for redeeming man through studying the Amharic World Bible School (WBS) lessons.  He was a student of Bro. Abebe Haile Michael, left.  After completing the printed lessons he came to study with Abebe who taught him deeply and he was convicted and obeyed the gospel.  Pictured on the left is Solomon being introduced to the church in Addis Ababa just before his baptism. Moges reported that Solomon had been attending the church assemblies for several months prior to being baptized.  WBS is a powerful tool that has been used in Ethiopia for many years. 

Zelalem Getahun

 Zelalem Getahun, right, was aWBS student. His WBS teacher was a member of the Church of Christ in Fort Mill, SC. When we received the student information from his teacher, Abebe and Moges began communicating with Zelalem by telephone. An appointment was made with him and he came to the Addis Ababa church building and studied with Abebe for two hours and he made the decision to be immersed in Christ.  Actually, he was ready to be baptized when he came and Abebe wanted to deeply study the plan of salvation with him. Praise the Lord!  Another example of the power of God’s word and WBS. 

May God continue to bless all of you who pray for and support the wonderful Gospel Outreach in the land of Ethiopia!           

Kevin and John Ed Clark