Missions Update: Ethiopia

This update is written by our partners in ministry, Kevin and John Ed Clark. For more information about the Ethiopia Gospel Outreach or to find out how you can get involved this ministry, please contact Ian Nickell. 

Faithful Servants Training Other Faithful Servants:

Brother Yosef attended the Faith Building Seminar that was led by Brother Behailu Abebe during his visit to Ethiopia in April.  Brother Joe Boe, one of the ministers serving the Woodward Park Church of Christ in Fresno, will be going to Ethiopia this month and will conduct a one month Seminar for preachers and church leaders at the church in Addis Ababa.  Brother Behailu Yosef will attend that Seminar.  Both Yosef and his father are called to preach in many of the congregations located in the Darwo area.  They have selected men from the new churches and will send them to attend the Jajura School of Preaching in an upcoming session and then these newly trained preachers will return to serve in the new congregation in their respective home areas.  There is an ongoing need to teach and nurture a new church.  There must be trained preachers and church leaders in every congregation to strengthen, mature and reach others with the gospel message.  (2 Timothy 2:2)

Deaf Congregation Answers a Need

 The new eight foot tall cement block wall around the deaf school and church in Addis Ababa is almost finished.  The front wall, pictured here, was completed almost two years ago.  Building a wall wasn’t something we wanted to do, but the new road was four feet higher than the old road, making our wall only four feet high.  Then the government has been busy in Addis Ababa taking excess land from people when it is unused; so we were in danger of that process.  The deaf congregation noticed the church sign had not been put back.  It was inside the compound and needed repainting.  So they took it upon themselves to restore it and install the sign for all to see.  On the left Brother Nebayehu, their preacher, is pictured installing the sign back to its place.   

Our Focus–Training Gospel Preachers

 Twenty new gospel preachers are trained each year at the Nekemte School of Preaching.  Two sessions with ten students each make up the student bodies.  This school has answered the call of the gospel in many new areas in the Western Region. Churches have been established by graduates of this school in distant areas like Dembedolo, Jimma, Gambella, Asosa, Benishangule Gumez, Nejo, Gimbi, Bedele as well as other areas around these places.  It would take many years to travel to these areas by the preachers at churches established around Nekemte and some of the major population areas.  With the World Bible School outreach, combined with the search for knowledge and a way to better their Amharic and Oromonia language skills, people, especially younger people, are introduced to a new way of biblical thinking; and that is relying only on God’s word as their authority and not to rely only on traditional church leaders, priests and family patriarchs.   The ten men standing represent several different languages and dialects of those languages, which will enable them to reach the lost souls who live in their home areas that would be impossible for their teachers to reach because they don’t speak those dialects.  Training gospel preachers has been and will remain our focus in reaching out with the gospel of Jesus.

Gospel Preacher: Roger Talanyi

 Roger Talanyi, left, has just baptized a new brother into Christ using a hotel swimming pool in northeastern Uganda.  It is the rainy season in Uganda and all the small rivers are dangerously full and the rushing water renders them impossible to use for baptism.  Roger has been to this area previously and had established the church there.  On this trip nine souls were baptized and added to the Lord’s church.  Roger was unable to stay as long there as he would have liked because he had used his vacation time to make this trip into the mountains of Uganda where he had grown up.  Roger was converted to Christ in the mid-nineties while he was in exile in Ethiopia.  He had been taught the gospel as a World Bible School student and was baptized by Brother Behailu Abebe at the Addis Ababa congregation.  It was through Roger’s ministry that the first congregation of the Lord’s church made up of Sudanese people was established.  He was resettled by the United Nations in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and then he was accepted into the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas.  Roger and his family still live in Lubbock and attend the Greenlawn Church of Christ next door to Lubbock Christian University.  He attended the School of Preaching in Addis Ababa as well as many special seminars and other classes.  It is great to know that Roger is still active in teaching and preaching in the country of his birth.  

Pray for Ethiopia

All of you who read this report, pray for and support the Lord’s work in Ethiopia should be assured you are an important part of every ministry and outreach to the lost, the hopeless and are providing hope to hundreds of destitute children.  We pray that God’s blessings will continue upon all of you………                       Kevin and John Ed Clark