Missions Update: Ethiopia

We hope you will be encouraged by this life changing outreach as you continue to read and want to be part of this work. For more information about the Ethiopia Gospel Outreach or to find out how you can get involved this ministry, please contact Doug Oakes. 

Preaching the Gospel in the Water Well Areas

More than five years have passed since 20 gospel preachers were selected to go into the areas to preach where water wells had been completed. Some of the original twenty have been replaced because they had families and home congregations and in this new ministry they were away from their homes much of the time. Some original men are still serving and still planting new churches and baptizing hundreds of people every month. It is an amazing ministry and having 650 wells drilled, there is still a vast amount of work left to do. We would like to share with you reports received from three of these brothers; their past, present and what they hope to accomplish in the future.

Elias Molito

Elias Molito’s home congregation is located at Kumburasha.  This congregation was established five or six years ago.  He was raised in the Lord’s church.  He attended and graduated from the Jajura School of Preaching (PTS) in 2004.  At this time he is focused on two new places in the Duna area called Latabo and Bada.  In Latabo, five people responded the gospel call and were baptized and a new church was established.  Two men from that group were sent to the Jajura PTS and are now serving as preachers for this new church. (2 Timothy 2:2)  As of this writing, there have been no responses in Bada.  He is studying with several people and believes they will be convicted by the gospel message very soon.  Elias visits the Latabo church  often to make sure all is well. (Acts 15:36) He plans to go to other new places in the future. 

Bezuneh Kelbago

Bezuneh Kelbago grew up in the Lord’s church.  He graduated from the Jajura School of Preaching more than 20 years ago.  He is focusing on four new areas at this time.  The first is Wogeno which is a three hours walk from his home.  He has been able to reach 7 people there with the gospel and a new congregation is now meeting.  The second is a place called Geseda.  Nine people have responded to the gospel message and the new church is meeting in the home of one of the members.  A new brother has been selected to attend the 40th session of the Jajura PTS in October this year and will become their preacher after his graduation.  The third place is called Shobira. Twelve people have responded to the gospel message there.  There is no one among the 12 whose education will enable them to attend the Jajura PTS.  Bezuneh and the new members are busy trying to reach others and find one or more who can attend the training school and serve as preachers for this new church in the future.  The local language spoken by the people is also a problem; only the educated speak the Hydian language, which is the language used at the Jajura School of preaching.  The fourth place is called Dabule.  Bezuneh has been able to reach one young man in Dabule and he attended the 38th session at the Jajura PTS and has returned to help Bezuneh teach others.  Bezuneh believes others will respond to the gospel message in the near future and a new congregation will be planted there.

Mulatu Kesamo

Mulatu Kesamo is from the Darara congregation.  He was raised in the church.  He graduated from the 5th session of the Jajura PTS and has served at Darara since that time.  He accepted the challenge to become one of the 20 men assigned to reach out to the water well areas with the gospel message.  His focus has been on two areas where water wells were completed; Wegeja and Sonda.  Congregations have been established in both places and three men from those areas have been sent to the 38th session of the Jajura PTS and have returned home to help teach and strengthen these new churches.  Two other men have been sent to Jajura and are attending at this time.  Mulatu is now going to a new village called Keshira.  At this writing, no one had responded to the gospel, but he believes that very soon responses will start coming.  

This information was received in April. Similar stories could be told about the other 17 evangelists; all working in new areas, preaching and planting new churches.  These reports represent how it is done and how the Preacher Training Schools have been a very important tool God has used to take the gospel to the people of southern Ethiopia.  This ministry has taken on a new definition of evangelism as water wells are completed and people’s hearts are opened by the great blessing of clean water.  They are willing to listen to the gospel message taught by those who show the love of Jesus through the pure lifesaving water.  God and His love are being glorified through this ministry.

Healing the Children Medical Team Outreach:

On April 10 through the 13th, Dr. Robert, left, of Healing the Children lead a medical team of six hearing specialists to our School for the Deaf in Addis Ababa.  This humanitarian organization has made two trips a year for the last few years.  This trip was to examine, treat and gather information on the causes of deafness in Ethiopia.  On this visit, they also tested siblings and other immediate family members of the deaf and obtained their medical history to enable them in their research.  The service they provide to our children is a great blessing as there are no such services in Ethiopia. We sincerely appreciate their help and their choosing our school and serving our children.

Regarding the Situation in Ethiopia

This week we received a report saying the unrest has subsided and all the highways have returned to the normal traffic.  We are very thankful.  The Outreach in Ethiopia continued throughout the months of unrest.  All the schools, kindergartens and Schools of Preaching were in session with no problems.  Thank you for your prayers during this difficult time.  Our deep appreciation also goes out to all of you for your faithful support.