Missions Update: Costa Rica

Below is the latest missions update from the Palmares Church of Christ in Costa Rica. For more information or to find out how you can get involved, please contact Doug Oakes

God bless you dear brothers in Christ.

I want to tell you about our occupations in the last two months.

We have been quite busy in the project of which you already know, in many meetings with the brothers and we have come to the conclusion that to achieve a day to take responsibility for the financial support of the Church in Palmares we must save for a while and buy a property

We have already talked to you about this project.

The brothers Rafael and his wife, Haidee, offered their house so that the church could meet there for the necessary time to gather some money and thus buy a prefabricated house and with the house already bought, we can get a loan to buy a piece of land and put the house there to do the meetings of the church and so that I and my family can live there.

I want to tell you that when the church of Palmares has the savings and buys the prefabricated house and makes the loan to buy the land and put that house there it will be the first step towards financial independence. With that the church in Palmares will cover both the cost of my rent for housing and have a place for the meetings of the church.

So as not to bother our brothers Rafael and Haidee, we used a small savings that we had to make a small place to meet on their property. I sent photos of this meeting area.

So even though we have been building and planning all of this we have not neglected the main thing since we have five new brothers in Christ.

Marta, Emely, Adriana, Josué and Jorge, for which we ask for your prayers as well as for the project.

In Christ your brother Leoni.