Missions Update: Costa Rica

Below is the latest missions update from the Palmares Church of Christ in Costa Rica. For more information or to find out how you can get involved, please contact Doug Oakes

Greetings brothers, may God continue to bless their lives. In this new year we thank God for allowing us to begin the activity of evangelization. I want to tell you that all the brothers who met in Palmares had a wonderful week doing the Work of God, some cooking for the brothers who came to do evangelism and others going out to evangelize with the brothers. We have a new sister and many new students of the bible.Each brother in Palmares says he has learned a lot and they say that the campaign was something of great benefit and spiritual growth. We thank you very much for having supported us economically and in your prayers to have this activity. This has given new strength to the brothers.

Prayer in Palmares