Life Group Questions 1/12/20

Life Group / Reflection Questions • January 12, 2020

These questions are based on the message “Grow With God” from January 12, 2020. You can watch or listen online at or in the church app. These questions are also available in the “notes” section in our church app.

  1. Welcome everyone and invite everyone to share about how their week has been—highlights, lowlights, etc.
  2. In today’s message, the main point was that God loves us just the way we are… but he doesn’t want us to stay that way. What does that idea mean to you?
  3. Spiritual growth means developing the actions and attitudes of Jesus. In general terms, do you think we live in a culture that gives greater value to people’s actions or their attitudes (character)?
  4. When Jesus admonished the Pharisees to clean the inside of the cup first (see Matthew 23:25-26), what point was he making for all of his future followers?
  5. Have someone (or a few people) read Philippians 2:3-11. What are some of the attitudes or character traits Jesus had that God wants us to develop in our own lives?
  6. Have someone read Hebrews 5:11-6:3. How does this passage connect with the idea of personal and spiritual growth?
  7. Based on what you know about the lives of Peter and Paul, how do their stories show us the importance of ongoing spiritual growth? For example, how did their actions, attitudes, and priorities change over time because of their relationship with Jesus?
  8. Today’s faith challenges were Know, Show, and Grow. As a refresher, what did these words mean in the context of today’s message?
  9. A rubber band is flimsy and useless unless it stretches beyond its current state. What is the one area (action or attitude) where you feel God calling you to make a stretch and make a change in your life?
  10. 10.Close your time praying for each other, especially the areas of growth that God is calling you to.