Let’s Love Update (October 2020)

Dearest friends and partners of the “Let’s Love” missions! Today is Wednesday, which means you are reading the latest good news from Ukraine!

It is a special short issue aimed to show you the fruit of our joined efforts for the sake of Heavenly Kingdom. This summer was especially full of moments when people made a Covenant with God in water baptism. Young men and women, members of “Sokoly” (Falcons) youth clubs, IDPs – all of them “Let’s Love” volunteers encounter every day helping them in their difficulties, being there for them when they’re in distress, praying with them, having quality timewith them, having fun together.

New saved souls added to Heavenly Kingdom in Ukraine! Biggest part of them are young people – future of our country and the Church!

I want to stress once again that this fruit is both yours and ours! The hay bale that you prepare for the Lord of the Harvest has gotten new ears of hay added into it. Stay with us prayerfully and financially! We have more good news to come!

Recent Baptisms in Ukraine:

Vanya’s story

Vanya came to our day camp two years ago. It was a city camp we were having with our youth along with “Let’s Love” team from Kyiv. From the very first days of camp program Vanya developed a special interest in everything that was going on, and couldn’t wait to get together with everyone again after the camp was done. In September two years ago he joined our youth club in Kharkiv. And not long after that he started attending the Church. There is an important quality that makes him different from other kids, that made us sure that everything we do with the youth in Kharkiv is not in vain. And this quality is his gratitude. And he expresses it towards everything we do for/with the youth. He made friends here, and not much time passed after he started calling us his second family. For about a year now Vanya is the one sharing his thanksgiving with the church on Sundays. And every time he does that, the Church feels encouraged.

After the pandemic restrictions were placed, we’d have our youth meetings in Zoom. The last book we were reading through was a book of Acts. The last couple of meeting Vanya was the only one who’d be at these Bible studies. It was good because we were able to talk privately about all the questions he had in his heart about baptism. Vanya was baptized according to Orthodox tradition when he was an infant. Both he and his mom highly respect the priest that baptized him. So Vanys sincerely didn’t understand why he needs the “second” baptism. But reading through the book of Acts and seeing the examples of baptism helped him see how believers were becoming Christians, and how they were baptised. Also, we had another personal meeting about baptism specifically.

So he made up his mind and shared his decision with his mom. They don’t live with his father. I thank God his mom wasn’t against this decision. I visited them, and talked to his mom about this matter. She once told me if Vanya gets baptised, I will be baptised as well. I believe it is only a matter of time.

His mom started to attend the church last year. Vanya has a younger brother, Andrey who has certain mental and behavioral disorders. Vita was embarrassed of the possible mess he’d do, and it took awhile before we convinced her that Andrey is welcomed here, and he won’t bother anyone. Even though it is not easy to have him in the class, with God’s help we managed to find ways to interact with him in the ways he needs it, so Vita would have an opportunity to come to Church and listen to the Word. Nastia and I made friends with their family, we visited them with the kids, too. Andrey likes to play with Mia and Slava, and likes to be on the phone with everyone.

On June, 20th at 9 a.m. Vanya was baptized. People from the church, kids from the youth club and his mom were all
there to express the support and congratulate him on this decision.

We rejoice for Vanya, and thank God for still saving people

Vanya is getting more involved in Church ministry. On Sunday was the first time he read a Psalm in front of the whole church. And in September he decided to enter to the Ukrainian Bible Institute for being prepared for the future mission work in Ukraine.