Let’s Love Missions Update

In 2012, several Churches of Christ in Donetsk, Ukraine came together and formed a Let’s Love Ministry; a charity with the purpose of meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs the orphans in the Donbas Region of Ukraine. 

Please take some time to read the latest update from Dmitriy Grischuk at Let’s Love Ministry. To find out how you can get involved, please contact Ron Nickell or John Patterson.


December Update

Dear “Let’s Love” ministry partners!

I am excited to share with you good news from Ukraine.

It is almost Christmas time. Time for celebration, gift exchange, and time to finally see those we longed to see for so long. It is time of new hopes and dreams that did come true. I know we don’t get enough of this time. But please do find time and read our news. They will lift your spirits as we are not the only ones who carry this joy and hope within. Because of your prayers and finances you donated hundreds of adults and kids in need had been able to see the hope.

But besides our news you’ll find out about the needs we have for the year to come. Our ministry keeps growing! And this ministry is yours at the same extent as it’s ours! Your prayers and your finances is an investment into lives of thousands of people in Ukraine. Every dollar makes a history in our country.

On  behalf of the “Let’s Love” team in Ukraine I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I pray about you, your families, your country. I pray about peace in America, your daily bread, your homes to be safe, about financial safety, your health and your ministry for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

Sincerely yours,

Trip to a Front Line

If you’re reading this letter it means we’re at the front line at the moment. We are in Stanitsa Luhanska (Luhansk region). We’ve made it here to have a two day camp for the local kids. These kids don’t often hear a kind word, don’t see smiley faces around them. They are more used to sounds of shrapnels rather than to people’s laugh. They know nothing of God’s love or love towards their country. But they know a lot about different types of mines and weapons.They are children of war. We decided to give them these two beautiful days before Christmas. We’ll share stories from this recent trip in January.

In December we made a trip to Avdeievka. It was a record, sad and dangerous trip. This time we’ve been at the distance of only 30 steps from trenches. We were in Pesky village. Before this war started there were 20, 000 people there. Now there are only 20 people left. Nobody is responsible for you once you get there. We were warned to lay down once we hear a whistling sounds. When you hear it it means a sniper is trying to get you.

Why then did we go there? Because of Victor and Valentyna. Both of them are in their sixties. Victor’s legs were torn off in the shelling back in 2014. Where to go? Where to flee? They’ll mark their 40th anniversary in December. They’ll probably have their last breath here. But not today. Because we brought them food, medicine and a prayer.

We were in the “prom zone”. It is where the tranches are right behind people’s homes. We brought two tons of coal for two families (1 per family). We also brought medicine, food and a word about God’s love. Not many people visit them.

I was struck by the children I’ve met in the streets of frontline Avdeievka. They look anxious. They are all ready to run to the shelter at any moment. But at the same time they are excited to see a “new face”. They are super happy to get the simplest toy, to be hugged and hear people say hi to them.

They might die tomorrow in the shelling. But they’ve known that Christians from Ukraine and America love them and pray for them. And they definitely got to know God loves them. The One Who sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to give them eternal life, loves them.

2. “Sokoly” Youth Community Clubs

We keep developing our “Sokoly” (falcons literally) youth community clubs in Kyiv, Bohuslav, Rivne and Kharkiv. Teenagers and young people get to know about love for God and love for a neighbor at these meetings with Christians. They learn to be worthy citizens of Ukraine and worthy citizens of the Church.