Let’s Love Ministry Update

In 2012, several Churches of Christ in Donetsk, Ukraine came together and formed a Let’s Love Ministry; a charity with the purpose of meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs the orphans in the Donbas Region of Ukraine. With the recent outbreak of war in the area, over a million people have been displaced from this region.  Many of those members of the church.

When the refugees relocated to the Western part of Ukraine, they began the process of establishing a normal life. But with shortages of food, clothing, and housing, the people had no one to turn to. Seeing such a great need, the local churches and several Christians that had been displaced shared what they possessed and ministered to many nonbelievers.

Through the course of the war, many church buildings were commandeered by armies and used to house their soldiers. Many more homes were destroyed in the war and many lives lost in the fighting. During this misery, the Christians remembered God’s command to love your neighbor.

We are proud to report that through the grace of God and your continued generosity, Let’s Love Ministry has been able to build several humanitarian centers to dispense food and clothing and youth clubs to help children through the trauma of the war. Truly, the church is being salt and light to this part of the world.

While the original mission of Let’s Love was to care for orphans, their work has been expanded to those who have been deeply affected by the ongoing war.  Westside Church of Christ, along with many other congregations, help support the feeding, clothing and housing of orphans in this part of the world. New churches are being established throughout Ukraine as we love and care for our brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your continued prayers and generosity. We pray that you will continue praying and supporting the work in Ukraine.

Please take some time to read the latest update from Dmitriy Grischuk at Let’s Love Ministry. To find out how you can get involved, please contact Doug Oakes or John Patterson.


Written by Dmitriy Grischuk at Let’s Love Ministry | February – March 2017

Dear Friends,

Today you are reading Let’s Love Ministry good news. Together with you we continue to serve the people in need, invest into the development of the future generation, share the Gospel with people. We are the salt and the light to this world. Being as salt, we protect this world from their final destruction. Being as light – we show Christ to people.

Your contribution is vital for our ministry. We sincerely appreciate your prayers, your donations, your words of affirmation for our entire team. You are making the history of our country!

Sincerely yours, Dmitriy Grischuk

1. Humanitarian Centers 

Together with local Church of Christ congregations in the cities of Kiev, Kharkov, and Zaporozhye we continue to help out refugee families from Donbass Region with food supplies, medications, and clothes. Every time as we help them out we tell them that God loves them, and He wishes them all have a happy eternal life.


2. Trip to the Front Line

In March we took another trip to Opytnoye settlement, located by the Front line. There are 40 people living there, both elderly and not elderly. They have nowhere and no one to go to. We have brought medications and candles for them. We have also got them seeds for their gardens. We pray these seeds give them a great harvest this fall. But most importantly we pray for the seeds to grow in their hearts with their faith in Jesus Christ. We have also visted with Ukrainian soldiers, and we have given them warm socks and vitamins.

3. Youth Clubs 

Below is the passage from Dima Timoshenko’s letter about their work with youth at public schools:

” … This year God has given us many opportunities to reveal ourselves. Our club team has become closer to each other and more organized. We gained a better understanding of our mission. Even though it has been only one year, but we feel like we have known each other for many years. We are grateful to Marina Noyes for inviting our team to the celebration event for blind children at the orphanage #5 in Kiev. We were not just participants, we were co-workers as well. Our guys have organized the registration of the children; then they divided them into teams; they accompanied the children throughout the event; they conducted games adjusting for the proper needs and ages of the children; they spent time singing songs with the children, and had a great time in fellowship (NOTE: for blind children socializing aspect is the highest need!). In the beginning of our time I could tell our team was a little reserved. But the ice melted quick and they “did get drowned into children”. After the event we all were emotional. For them it was a new experience with mixed feelings: shocking and pleasant…”

February 17, 2017 we were invited to School #13 in the settlement of Gostomael in Kiev Region to present the work of Falcon Club. We have conducted an introductory class entitled as Interesting Facts About Cossacks. We spent our time playing games, having fellowship, presenting lessons. We have shared in details about our program, clubs, vision and plans for 2017.

4. Church in Rovno 

We continue to help the young congregation in the city of Rovno. The Prokhorov Family – Victor and Yelena – are working here. They are Let’s Love Ministry members and graduates of Ukrainian Bible Institute. We are happy to support them with needed supplies to work with children and teens. Victor and Yelena are getting in touch with parents through these children. They keep inviting the parents to come to church.

5. Orphans in Odessa 

Beginning the end of 2016 we have started our new program to help out the orphans and orphanage graduates in the city of Odessa. Nana Smirnova has been working hard in this area for many years now. We help her financially, prayerfully, and spiritually. In April we plan to make a short movie about the life of these children – how Jesus is knocking at their door. Please, do not miss your opportunity to do kind things for orphans! Here is a short passage from one of Nana’s letters:

“His full name is Alexander Tsedilo. We are so joyful that the authorities removed “retiredness diagnosis”* from several orphaned kids. These kids are the friends of the kids, who are living with me. One of them is Sasha’s closest friend. We are so happy that these children can go further into life without being labeled with scary diagnosis. We had a great time celebrating the birthday with friends. Things are going well. I now have 7 boys and 1 girl…”

(*Note from a translator: when orphaned children are diagnosed with any level of severe diseases or developmental disabilities, the government gives them the terrible label of “Retardness.” They are considered to be helpless and lifeless for their entire being. They do not have any one to fight for them. They will have no place in any social life. But once children get cleared off those scary diagnoses, they get an opportunity to work hard and overcome anything. They get hope and work towards their hope and dreams, etc.) 

To find out how you can get involved in the Let’s Love Ministry, please contact Ron Nickell or John Patterson.