Let’s Love Ministry Update (May 2017)

In 2012, several Churches of Christ in Donetsk, Ukraine came together and formed a Let’s Love Ministry; a charity with the purpose of meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs the orphans in the Donbas Region of Ukraine. With the recent outbreak of war in the area, over a million people have been displaced from this region.  Many of those members of the church.

We are proud to report that through the grace of God and your continued generosity, Let’s Love Ministry has been able to build several humanitarian centers to dispense food and clothing and youth clubs to help children through the trauma of the war. Truly, the church is being salt and light to this part of the world.

While the original mission of Let’s Love was to care for orphans, their work has been expanded to those who have been deeply affected by the ongoing war.  Westside Church of Christ, along with many other congregations, help support the feeding, clothing and housing of orphans in this part of the world. New churches are being established throughout Ukraine as we love and care for our brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your continued prayers and generosity. We pray that you will continue praying and supporting the work in Ukraine.

Please take some time to read the latest update from Dmitriy Grischuk at Let’s Love Ministry. To find out how you can get involved, please contact Ron Nickell or John Patterson.


Written by Dmitriy Grischuk at Let’s Love Ministry | April – May 2017

Dear brothers and sisters,
You are receiving our next issue of good news of Let’s Love Ministry, and this means it is Wednesday. We would like to share with you the kinds of ministries we are able to do in Ukraine because of your spiritual and financial support. Hundreds of people, as they are getting physical relief from our team, get to hear about God’s love and salvation in Christ. People are gaining hope. They form their faith as they witness the works of the Church in their lives! We want you to know that by doing this, you are “gathering treasure for yourselves in Heaven”.

1. Baptism in Kiev and Kharkov

We rejoice together with Vinogradar congregation (Kyiv) about Natalya’s baptism and with congregation in Kharkov about Ludmila’s baptism. They are both a refugee from East Ukraine, who has found relief and comfort in the Lord as they was going through all kinds of trials.

2. Ministry of Humanitarian Centers

In the cities of Kiev, Kharkov, and Zaporozhye together with local congregations we continue to help out the refugee families. We pray for them and preach Jesus to them. The congregations in Kiev and Zaporozhye conduct weekly Bible classes for everyone.

3. Youth Ministry

We continue to work with school children ( Falcon Civilian Club) and university students (MolodTalk University Student Club).Below is a passage from Dmitriy Timoshenko’s letter:

In April of 2017 together with Falcon Club team leaders – Sergey and Yuriy – we have taken a trip to Kiev Region. The small town has given us an opportunity to meet with youth outside of Kiev. We have spent almost the entire day to conduct one class (because of a long road and busy bus traffic).

It was challenging for us, since we have planned to have our meeting with high school students vs regular middle school students. But praise be to the Lord, our time went great. The school administration had good things to say about us. Igor, the ATO military chaplain, coordinated and accompanied us in this trip. We are very thankful to him! We hope to cooperate with him in fall.

When we visit this school, we always receive a warm welcome on behalf of school administration and staff. It feels like we have been working with them over a year. We are conducting introductory classes, and we plan to start our full program this fall. The kids are very active. Their teacher is very helpful. We have got great answers from kids for our quiz, and we are so proud of good results.

4. Little Big Stories

Please, meet Ms Vera Fedotovna. She is 86. She is a refugee from the town of Stanitsa Luganskaya. She is a Ukrainian language teacher. Her house was destroyed. She has experienced big losses 5 times (!) in her lifetime: while she was a child, the Soviet authorities dispossessed their house, and they had to live in a mud hut. Then during WWII her house was destroyed, and her family had to survive again in a mud hut. She has been living in the town of Irpen since 2014. This time God has blessed her with an opportunity to rent a small house. Ms Vera Fedotovna is constantly attending Sunday worship services, Wednesday night classes as well as is helping with cooking and organizing the work of the Center. When brethren try to be merciful with her and do not give her much work to do, she usually replies, “Do not feel sorry for me. I want to be useful”. We are actively sharing the Gospel with her and believe soon she will accept Christ into her life. Please, be praying for her health and salvation.