Let’s Love Ministry Update (July 2017)

In 2012, several Churches of Christ in Donetsk, Ukraine came together and formed a Let’s Love Ministry; a charity with the purpose of meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs the orphans in the Donbas Region of Ukraine. With the recent outbreak of war in the area, over a million people have been displaced from this region.  Many of those members of the church.

We are proud to report that through the grace of God and your continued generosity, Let’s Love Ministry has been able to build several humanitarian centers to dispense food and clothing and youth clubs to help children through the trauma of the war. Truly, the church is being salt and light to this part of the world.

While the original mission of Let’s Love was to care for orphans, their work has been expanded to those who have been deeply affected by the ongoing war.  Westside Church of Christ, along with many other congregations, help support the feeding, clothing and housing of orphans in this part of the world. New churches are being established throughout Ukraine as we love and care for our brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your continued prayers and generosity. We pray that you will continue praying and supporting the work in Ukraine.

Please take some time to read the latest update from Dmitriy Grischuk at Let’s Love Ministry. To find out how you can get involved, please contact Ron Nickell or John Patterson.


Dear Friends,

Lately we have been blessed with a lot of ministry opportunities. June is usually time for children’s camps. During this time many of our teammates take time off (from work and school) so that we can have double strength to share love and hope with people need.

1. Baptisms in Zaporozhye and Kiev

Please, rejoice with us about two baptisms: one baptism in Zaporozhye and one – in Kiev. For us baptisms are one of the signs that our work of Humanitarian Centers and our ministry in general is bringing fruit not just for specific refugee families or our country, but for the Kingdom of God as well!

2. Children’s Camp at the Front Line

Early June our team spent 3 days in the town of Stanitsa Luganskaya. This place is the last inhabited location just before the line of military actions begin. We have spent 3 fantastic days with over 60 students from village schools.

One of these schools is located 3 km (about a little under 2 miles) from the hostile Russia. These precious children have seen and heard many terrors of the war during the year. We have brought them joy, happy games, and news about the Early June our team spent 3 days in the town of Stanitsa Luganskaya. This place is the last inhabited location just before the line of military actions begin. We have spent 3 fantastic days with over 60 students from village schools. One importance of seeking God in their lives.

3. Children’s Camp At Shelter in Kiev

Welcome to new ministry! There are about 40 orphans and children from crisis families in this shelter. (Translator’s Note: a shelter is a temporary place, where street children, orphans, and other very low managed family kids are found for about 90 days to go through various inspections and medical check-ups before they are sent to a permanent orphanage).

It feels like a zoo filled with little, hardened, abandoned, surviving baby animals in the world with no love for them. They have thorny eyes and their hands are ready to sneak away with anything they see.

We have spent five days with them. During our time we hugged them, exchanged contact information with older kids, shared stories about Jesus, prayed with them, had personal visits with these children. The
result of this camp is our firm decision to have weekly  visits with these kids starting in September. Let’s work together to transform this Zoo into a place where children will find support and peace in their complicated life adventures.

4. Rainbow Children’s Camp

Mid June youth from our civil clubs in the cities of Kiev, Kharkov, Rovno participated together with our mentors in the Christian Camp, called Rainbow, which was located around Kiev. Our camp lasted for 7 days. During this time we had an opportunity to spend more time with the children and build future plans. Our campers learnt about God’s love. They prayed with us. We had various discussion topics. Being impressed by the camp, they have witnessed about their growth in faith, talked about repentance and baptism. Sasha from Odessa decided to make a covenant with the Lord by the end of the camp. “I want Him to be by my side”, Sasha said before his baptism. Sasha is an orphan; he graduated from the orphanage. He has lost his parents and their living early in his life; lost his brothers and sisters among different  orphanages. Sasha found comfort in the Lord and family in Christ. We pray to the Lord for brother Sasha to become a beginning of the new youth ministry in the city of Odessa in His time. There are many orphans in this place.