Is It In You?

Where are the burning hearts?  Where are the ones who cannot contain the words that God has put on their lips?  Where are the ones that though they would try to challenge themselves with silence would fail miserably because the compulsion to speak God’s Good News is too great? 

Is it in you?  Is there a spark that could be lit with a little kindling today?  Is there an ember that the Spirit of God could fan into flame today…causing the smoke to rise and the pressure to build inside of you to the point where your breath can no longer be contained and…exhausted…you are forced to exhale…and out yourself as a man or woman of God?!  

If it’s not…how do you get there?  When do you seat yourself before the King of kings and let His words fill your soul?  Who are you surrounding yourself with that carries this flame within them who can then, in turn, provide a spark for your own passion?  Do you have this passion to become as Jeremiah was? If so, what are the signs that this desire is a core value…a true pursuit in your life?  Satan will compete against you in this. It likely won’t happen organically. You have to make a choice and you have to be intentional in the pursuit.  

WARNING:  The Word of God can be harmful.  Darkness does not often understand or accept the light.  Jeremiah knew this full well. The Word of the Lord brought him persecution and even beatings.  Just a few verses before this one, Pashur the priest beat him and threw him in the stocks for speaking on behalf of God.  But though trouble may come as a result…Jeremiah new the Lord was with him as a mighty and fearful warrior (Jer. 20:11).  

I am far from where I want to be in my boldness for sharing God’s Word, but I believe there are embers glowing within me.  I hope that’s the same for you. I hope we can work together in the Spirit to fan these into flame!