Men’s Retreat

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Brothers, we have a great opportunity that is coming up this year! It is our annual Men’s Re­treat and we would like for you to come the weekend of October 11th – 13th..

As usual, we will be going to Sierra Christian Service Camp (the camp is only an hour north of Bakersfield) and we will be sharing with each other and uplifting one another.

This will be a great weekend of fel­lowship, fun and just hanging out with the guys!

For those of you like me that place lots of emphasis on the great eats that will go on, we will be having some great food including Friday’s PULLED PORK, Saturday’s “Bacon Feast” and Satur­day night’s good old fashioned B.B.Q. For those of you with wives or girlfriends that hide all of the chips, salsa, nachos, cookies, sodas and everything else in the house that is “good” for us… This is definitely the weekend for you because not only will we have lots of this good stuff to eat but we can then sit around in misery because we DID eat too much of that “good” stuff!

I almost forgot… We will be shooting clay’s with shotguns (bring your own if you have one) and BOTCHI BALL; BOTCHI BALL; BOTCHI BALL!!! What more can I about this game. Grown men wandering around the mountain chasing after a little ball that they threw away from where they were standing in the first place! If you don’t know what this game is, you have to come and play at least a round with us.

How much does all of this cost for the weekend? Well, how does $30 sound to you? It sounded good to us too! It really cannot get in better than this! If you would like to get a ride with someone, let us know that too and we will set you up a ride there and back. Do you need a scholarship? No problems! The hardest part of being a man is getting over our pride to ask for help… We got you covered!

We look forward to seeing you at the Men’s Retreat on October 11th – 13th!

For the future of HIS Kingdom,

Chuck, Mark & Tim

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Sep 25 2022


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