Sunday Morning Classes

Westside offers Bible classes for people of all ages, every Sunday morning at 10:30am.

Nine Ways God is Calling You to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Bryan Fojtasek, #517

A Chapter-by-Chapter Study of  the Book of 2 Peter

Garth Black #515

An In-Depth Bible Study of the Gospel of Luke

Rich Fabrie #519

Love and Support After the Loss of a Loved One

Rod & Mary LeGrand,, #520 (WAC)

College Ministry (The Book of Ephesians)

Mike Minton, Room #601

How Today’s Teenagers Can Embrace the Life of a Disciple

Ed Pafford, #604


Wednesday Night Classes

Join us for dinner every Wednesday at 5:30pm. $3 per person or $10 for your whole family, followed by classes for all ages at 6:30pm.

A Video / Discussion Series about Connecting with Jesus

Dave McCarthy, #521 (MAC)

A Study on the Book Lovelife by Scott Strother

Kim Nickell, #516

A Hope and Healing for The Divorced or Separated

Marcy Bligh, #520 (MAC)

College Ministry Bible Study on the Parables of Jesus

Sean Nickell, #601 (MAC)

Training and Encouragement on How to Share Your Faith (7th-12th Grade)

Justin Chase, #604

Fun Activities and Bible Lessons for Kids of All Ages

Diane Lopez, Nursery Room


Life Groups

Life Groups are a chance to experience real community with a smaller group of believers. Many groups include a Bible study, meal, and fellowship time. Use the button below to find out more and get connected with a Life Group!

Connect with a Group!

Sunday Evenings • 5pm

Various Homes

Sunday Evenings, 5pm

Various Homes

Sunday Evenings, 4:30pm

Westside Room #517

Sunday Evenings • Once / Month

Various Homes

Sunday Evening • 5-7 pm Every Other Week

Various Homes

First 4 Sunday Evenings • 5pm

Various Homes

First 3 Sunday Evenings, 5pm

Various Homes

Sunday Evenings, 6pm

Various Homes

First 3 Sunday Evenings • 5pm

Various Homes

Sunday Evenings • 6pm 

Westside Room #515