Let’s Love Update (September 2017)

In 2012, several Churches of Christ in Donetsk, Ukraine came together and formed a Let’s Love Ministry; a charity with the purpose of meeting the physical, spiritual and emotional needs the orphans in the Donbas Region of Ukraine. With the recent outbreak of war in the area, over a million people have been displaced from this region.  Many of those members of the church.

We are proud to report that through the grace of God and your continued generosity, Let’s Love Ministry has been able to build several humanitarian centers to dispense food and clothing and youth clubs to help children through the trauma of the war. Truly, the church is being salt and light to this part of the world.

While the original mission of Let’s Love was to care for orphans, their work has been expanded to those who have been deeply affected by the ongoing war.  Westside Church of Christ, along with many other congregations, help support the feeding, clothing and housing of orphans in this part of the world. New churches are being established throughout Ukraine as we love and care for our brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your continued prayers and generosity. We pray that you will continue praying and supporting the work in Ukraine.

Please take some time to read the latest update from Dmitriy Grischuk at Let’s Love Ministry. To find out how you can get involved, please contact Ron Nickell or John Patterson.

Update from Dmitriy Grischuk

Dear friends!

Today is Wednesday. It means it’s time for good news from the “Let’s Love” team.

Summer is coming to its end. It was a summer full of wonderful opportunities to serve to those in need, to children and glorify God in all this. We don’t get tired of thanking God for you and your tremendous care that makes it possible for all the opportunities in ministry come to life.


Two more souls joined God’s Kingdom. First, Anna, a refugee from Crimea. She lives in Cherkassy now. She experienced God’s love when we accidentally found out that she and her children were literally starving when they first moved from their home, and she had hard time finding a job. But we know that those who love God are never in need to beg for bread!

Second baptism was in Kharkiv. Here is a section from Brandon Price’s letter, a missionary in Kharkiv:

“We have known Nelya for over two years. She is a refugee from the town of Zugress. She and her son were hit with shrapnel, and because of that Nelya lost an eye. She has struggled to find help and a place in this new world in Ukraine. About a month ago, Nelya started faithfully attending our church activities and worship times. Yesterday, after Sasha’s very powerful sermon, she responded with tears and said she was tired of being afraid. We were excited to take part in her baptism and see her born again into a new hope.”

Church in Rivne

Viktor and Helen Prokhorov and their family keep doing a wonderful job in their ministry to teenagers in Rivne. In August they visited a military base and were talking to soldiers about how they need to make a Covenant to eternal life, a Covenant that every person should make.

In August they also had a wonderful VBS where children were able to hear  about God and His love, learned how to pray. I visited them this month and were able to eyewitness a big progress in the ministry of their family. Some teenagers are having some classes about baptism to make them ready to be baptized.

Trip to USA

This week I started my trip to USA. I’ll spend here one month sharing good news from our ministry, talking about new opportunities for the Church in Ukraine. Some of you I’ll be able to meet in person. First week of my trip I am in Tennessee. than in Texas for three weeks. Looking forward to see you. May God our Lord bless you all, and please be praying about me and my trip.

Sincerely, Dmitriy Grischuk