Adventures in Missions Update

This post is written by James & RaDonna Kinnaird. James serves as the Staff Coordinator for Adventures in Missions. Westside welcomed James and his family during our Missions Sunday earlier this year. Please read below for an update on their incredible work!

Brothers and Sisters:

We want to thank you for your love and support as we have transitioned to our…all of our…new ministry with the AIM Program. You make it possible to work with thirty-five young people who are training to be apprentice missionaries. As well, we work with seventeen AIM Alumni who are receiving training which prepares them for future fulltime church planting. Coordinating their studies and work with younger students is quickly becoming a joy in our life.

We began, officially, July 1. As with any job change, the first couple weeks were filled with office changes, paperwork, etc. As the Admin team assembled, we began earnest times of prayer, catching me up on the learning curve, calendars and preparation assistance to those AIMers coming to Lubbock in August.

Our Staff retreat was the first time AIM Assistants and Interns assembled for the year, and we had a great time at White River Youth Camp. Besides team activities, cooking together and enjoying each other, we also made a study of Acts 4 and Acts 17 in conjunction with our theme UPSIDE.DOWN.BOLD…what a wonderful time of study, dreaming, fellowship and, crazy as it sounds, working on some of the practicals of how this next year will function and run.

As the start of both AIM and Sunset International Bible Institute drew near, the AIM Admin team joined SIBI’s faculty retreat. Our work with AIMers and AIM Staff is an important component of the Institute as well we share instructors and resources being a part of the SIBI family of schools. It was encouraging, as well as a little nerve-racking, to stand in front of many heroes and even former instructors and tell our “story.” I hope I expressed the thanks I have for SIBI and AIM being such an important part of our story.

Revising manuals, guidelines, beginning preparation for my January course and lots of praying gave way to THE AIMers ARRIVING THIS PAST SATURDAY! What a great group! 35 students, ages 17-24, 20 guys, 15 ladies, 10 states, 5 countries…all making a decision in their young lives that they want to do something…that they want to follow…that they want to make it their aim to preach the gospel…’til Jesus calls them home.

You can follow AIM, and the AIM Class of 2020, in particular by searching “Adventures In Missions” on Facebook and liking/following the page.

Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you for being a partner with us in this great work. Be in prayer as well as we ask God to provide additional partners to hopefully be fully funded soon!

We love you and thank God for you!

James & RaDonna